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Specifically, you need the Anointing for Wealth, or Business Anointing, that God has placed on those whom He has called to be Fivefold Business Entrepreneurs.

Apostolic Entrepreneurs

Did you know that God is raising up those whom He has called to be Apostles of Business? And that you can now come under the covering of protection and financial blessing that comes from being associated with someone who carries this anointing?

And just as an Apostle has the ability to impart the anointing that God has given him or her, so you can receive an impartation of the Business Anointing that God has given to such a person.

Prophetic Entrepreneurs

God is also raising up Prophetic Entrepreneurs, whose role is to release into their calling, those whom God has called to a business function. These are people who have been placed in full Prophetic Office, and hold the silver key for business as well as the golden key for ministry. 

They have the anointing and authority to not only confirm and reveal the call of God, but to birth and release the blessing of God for businesses that function in the anointing of God and are dedicated to the Kingdom of God.

Here you will find those who hold such offices and have been anointed by God, not only to train and prepare those called to the ministry, but also those called specifically to business.

Ministry Needs Finance

It is impossible to fulfill the call to the ministry without financial resources, as you may already have discovered. You need in your team, both those anointed for Ministry and those anointed for Business.

That is why we have obeyed the call of God to set in place all that is needed for both of these. And God has raised up Apostle Les D. Crause to fulfill both of these callings in a new mandate that is set to bring change to the Body of Christ universally.

We Can Help You Succeed in Business and Ministry

The chances are you fall into one or more of the following categories:

1. You have tried to obey the call of God to the ministry and have found yourself unable to do this because of lack of finances

2. You have tried to start a business or create a source of income for your ministry but have not succeeded in raising enough finance

3. You have tried to start a business, but it has failed

4. You have a business but you cannot seem to get it off the ground

5. You need someone to counsel and train you in how to do business God's Way

6. You need a spiritual covering from someone who is called of God and carries the anointing for Wealth and Business

7. You need Prophetic direction for your business as well as someone who can give wise counsel on what to do in your business.

If any of these apply to you, then we can help

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